How to Get an API Key

Procuring a Production API Key with SphereOne

Step 1: Requesting API Key Access

Engage with SphereOne through our designated communication channels on Telegram or Slack, provided you have received an invitation to join these groups.

Initially, the available option will be the "Test API Key."

To unveil the option for the Production API Key, submit a request for Production API Key access, and finalize the process of KYB (Know Your Business) in collaboration with SphereOne's business and legal teams.

Upon the successful conclusion of the KYB process, SphereOne will enable the Production API Key for your account and notify you accordingly.

Step 2: Retrieving the API Key

Upon activation of access, navigate to the "Settings" within your account where you should identify an option to procure an API Key.

Should the option not be immediately visible, please refresh the page or log in again to ensure the updates are accurately reflected.

From there, you can proceed to generate a Production API Key.

Step 3: Utilizing the API Key

The Production API Key enables you to formulate Production Charges, which are applicable within SphereOne's Payment system.

Conversely, the Test API Key allows you to generate Test Charges, applicable within SphereOne's Payment system on Testnets.

Your adherence to the above steps should ensure a smooth API Key procurement process.